What is an akashic healing session and how it is done

The akashic healing session works through the line of time and space transmuting and changing the vibration of a recurring pattern, an old wound, heavy emotions and energy through Lemurian light language. Light language is an ancestral song, a series of spontaneous sounds and words and toning of the highest celestial vibration that act directly in and through your Akasha realigning and rebalancing what you want/need to heal. In March 2020, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Lemurian Starseed Ancestors initiated me to the light language through a spiritual download and activation for two consecutive nights, in my dreams, while sleeping.

Each healing session is done by opening your own personal Akashic Records (so I need to know your full name) through a sacred prayer. More sessions might be required in order to resolve a block or pattern.

Healing sessions are private and confidential. They are for entertainment purposes only. They work at a vibrational level and are NOT to be used as a substitute for any medical and psycholgical advice or treatment.

To book a reading or for any questions, please send a private message.