Archangel Haniel and her healing power in times of change

As we are going through intense energy shifts and transformational times, Higher Realms are urging us to maintain the most positive outlook as possible towards life and the challenges we are to face as well as to raise our vibrations in order to support the huge changes that our planet is bearing at present. As incarnated souls, we are called to act and make space for the new, letting go of the old and what no longer serves our purpose. We are pushed to a whole new level which, sometimes, can lead to a sense of dismay and bewilderment. This is especially true for light-workers and those whose spiritual awakening is in place but not only; everybody is involved since we are One – whether we are conscious of it or not.

Ascended Masters, angels, guides are here to remind us that not even a soul is alone, and that they are supporting us step by step through this wind of change.

This time I would like to spend a few words about archangel Haniel who is somehow forgotten at times but whose energy, I feel, is essential in the present moment.

The name Haniel means ‘Grace of God’ or ‘Glory of God’. Archangel Haniel embodies a feminine energy.

Angels are always by our side, but they cannot intervene unless we do ask them for help because we have freewill. So in order to invite archangel Haniel (as well as any other angel) in our life we simply need to set the intention to have her work with us and that we are willing to accept her help. We can do this by simply setting the intention mentally or saying out loud a short prayer like this:

“Thank you archangel Haniel for helping me gracefully let go of what no longer serves my purpose, for helping me maintain a positive perspective and for helping me raise my vibrations, and transform any low energies into positive and happy thoughts”.

As her name suggests, archangel Haniel can help us face our daily challenges in a graceful manner. To many of us these transformational times are causing rollercoaster emotions, depression, anxiety, insomnia, tiredness, abrupt changes and so on. This results in a real catharsis both at an emotional and physical level. As we let go of pent-up emotions, we are also releasing tensions in our body. Healing does not necessarily have to go through pain and struggle though. In truth, living in joy and maintaining a state of peace is what we are called to learn – no matter the mission our soul is called to fulfill and which struggles we chose to face before incarnation. That is why working with the amazing presence of archangel Haniel can be of such help.

Archangel Haniel is aligned with the moon energy. Carrying a moonstone can be a way to deepen the connection with this angel and enter more in touch with her.  Capitalizing on the moon cycles is another way to work closely with this archangel and transform our life for better.

Basically, archangel Haniel can help us soothe our feelings and see ourselves with more compassion and patience. Her gentle and reassuring energy will not prevent us to feel whatever feelings we are experiencing but to feel with grace and love. Sometimes the hardest part is to accept those feelings and go through them, but her presence will make sure that we feel loved and protected (and indeed we are!). Her help comes in many ways, such as opening our eyes to the beauty of life or opening our hearts to live in harmony and accept the changes with the least possible resistance. She will nudge us to enter more in tune with our inner guidance and intuition which will result in taking actions and adjust those areas of our lives that do not resonate with us anymore; she will simply guide us to nurture ourselves with those activities that make our heart sing during this transitional phase we are all going through at a universal level.

This is just a short description of her incredible work through us but I am sure that working with her – if you have not done it already – you will discover much much more, and you will be excited and amazed to see before your eyes the gentle transformation and the peace she will bring to you and in you. I will assure you that it is definitely worth working with her. You will not be disappointed, and I encourage you to find it out for yourselves!




Ego(ism) is nothing more than the externalization of the survival mode. Survival mode is fear. Fear can stem from many reasons and environmental stimuli. Fear is neither good nor bad. It is just a product of low vibration. For centuries, Humanity have created a society based on scarcity consciousness, fear, mind-control, manipulation, lies, struggle, war, addictions, competition. All of the above taught us to be in this repeatedly survival mode and so we become egoist, sometimes even egotistic. Whenever we are in fear, we are prone to reacting and panicking, instead of responding. By doing so, we are basically giving away our own Divine power to some threat that most of the times is not even real, but it is just a perceived menace as the product of a distorted external stimulus. This leads us to disconnect from God and our own divine spark and to rely on false beliefs, false promises, doctrines, structures and institutions that, in reality, more often than not, chain us down to a limited and poor state of mind and being. We get convinced that we need to struggle and suffer in order to receive the fruits of our labour, we are instilled with the seed of scarcity consciousness and self-pity, we are taught to believe that the reality we live in is scarce and not abundant, that there is not enough for everyone which results in wild competition which, in turn, causes fear, which generates anxiety, stress, control, aggressiveness, worry and so on. So, basically, we get used to living in survival mode without even knowing it, giving away, little by little, our full potential, our God-given authority, freedom and liberty.

The good news is that all these old, outdated structures are now – finally! – collapsing because the veil is lifting and more and more people are becoming awakened to their true state of being that is in Oneness with the Divine Source which indeed lies in our Heart centre. But unless we learn to recognize our ego, our negative thought-forms, self-sabotaging emotions and triggers, we will not be able to be in our full divine authority.

In this regard, when I opened the Cosmic Akashic Records and I asked the Masters to tell me more about envy (one among many low vibe emotions), here is the answer I received:

“My dear soul, envy is just a black dot on a white canvas. The need to envy and judge is your soul’s call to purity. Ego does not want this and it tries to push, push and push towards lower vibrations. Remind that where light is there, much dark is there, too. There more you will be aligned to the Source, the more the ego will try to stage an ambush towards those attitudes and thought-forms in disharmony with your soul as One and Oneness. However, the more you will be aligned to the Source, the more you will be able to distinguish these traps, sending love and compassion when this makes known to you or other people.”

It does not matter whichever your trigger is – envy, jealousy, control, panic, judgment, prejudice, fight, etc. The above message applies all the same. In truth, Abundance and Peace go hand in hand, and this state of contentment and felicity is the Will of God. The feeling of aloneness, thus, the need to be in survival mode and competition should be transmuted and superseded by the certainty of Oneness. When we start to expand our consciousness and we are One with the Divine, the feelings become charged by the Love of God itself. The mind of God is Love, is loving, and is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and the total being, as a result, is inspired and aspiring! To belittle the soul of man, to cast it down into a sense of sin, frustration, scarcity mentality, struggle, and self-condemnation – which all led people to be in their fears and in a state of ego(ism) – is indeed the work of low vibrational energies, of structures and programmes of “dark energies”.

Thus, do not fight your ego, as ego loves the struggle of fight and resisting; observe it instead, integrate it with love and compassion until it will have no other choice but fade away and disappear. Love is the guiding force in order to break free and liberate ourselves through transmutation and Alchemy. Where there is Love, there is no space for fear. And there is no space for survival. Pure benevolent intention, being in full authority, unwavering faith as well as the most elevated emotion that is Love are the main ingredients for Alchemy to activate and manifest the precipitation of its miracles in this dense, physical reality. This is transformation. This is death and rebirth. This is indeed Resurrection.

So, do not be afraid of the process! The beauty of this very path lies indeed in the transmutative process itself, in the continuous search for soul growth and expansion. Find that Love of God within you and, as if by magic, being in full power of your authority more Love will be bestowed upon you and your fellow brothers and sisters! And so be it.



I love ME

How self-love can heal your life

One could think that self-love is the easiest deed towards oneself. Yet it is one of the most difficult to fully embrace.  Self-love is synonym with acceptance and compassion. Often times we find it hard to accept who we really are, and this is especially true for very sensitive people, indigo, earth angels, light-workers but not only. Embracing our true-self and loving ourselves implies that we learn to accept that perfection as we intend it in an earthly vision does not really exist. In truth we are all incarnated souls who came down to this dimension for the only purpose to learn and balance karma. So, since this is our real mission, making mistakes and taking bumpy roads is normal. And here is where compassion comes into play. When we feel we made a mistake or a situation did not turn out as we hoped or expected, despite the love and efforts we put into it, sometimes we tend to fall into a deep disconnection with the Higher Source leaving space for disappointment and self-pity. We tend to overanalyze situations – what we did, what went wrong, what we could have done better – and to be harsh with ourselves.  Again, this is only an earthly perception and it is not at all to be considered as a universal truth. Our soul knows the bigger plan, it has a map and it will make adjustments to redirect us where we need to be until we learn the lesson. That is why self-love and compassion are of key importance: it will allow us to be fully present and in full resonance with God and the Higher Source that is within ourselves and, as a consequence, more in touch with our inner divine guidance.  Self-love is about respecting ourselves and be fully present here and now, allowing emotions to flow, letting go of what no longer serves us, taking good care of ourselves and being at peace.  On the other hand, loving oneself is not to be confused with selfishness and that since “we are as we are” we are not responsible for how we act and what we think. Our purpose here is to evolve and become better human beings on this very earthy plane, liberating us from karma and evolving as souls on a higher plane. In fact selfishness has nothing to do with love and it is an ego-based emotion. Assertiveness, instead, is about respecting our feelings, allowing us to live fully and in the present moment; taking care of our needs and standing in our power with love not feeling guilty for this.

Learning to accept ourselves and follow our inner guidance is the most beautiful and powerful act of liberation that one soul can do. Expressing our emotions, passions, talents, learning to be assertive, and allowing to devote time for our self-care leave space for healing – consciously or unconsciously it does not matter – and when healing takes place all new doors to possibilities, miracles, joy and peace open up in our life.

When we learn the art of self-love we learn to see ourselves – and others, as a result – with the eyes of God which can only bring a greater flow of love, joy and abundance, a stronger connection with the Divine and our divine being, and so a much happier and healthier life.


Mar 14, 2021

Weekly angel message from march 15th to 21st 2021

  1. Cancel, clear, delete 2. Indigo

Each of us is a Light Being. Each of us is a child of Mother-Father God. Each of us has the potential to embrace our true Self learning to be born again and renew ourselves. In order to do that, we need to make contact with our most intimate Self within our heart and with both our loving side and ego side, healing and recalibrating every aspect of our Self with Love and Compassion; healing and letting of what no longer serves us and that any longer belongs to us whose lessons, though, allowed us to transmute and fly higher. Light always win!

Have a magical week!


Feb 28, 2021

Weekly angel message from march 1st to 7th 2021

  1. God of conflict resolution – 2. Goddess of knowledge

This week, the Angels and Guides are guiding us to embrace our divine potential and fully live in our heart space. The balance between our divine masculine and divine feminine side is the portal to live in the flow and easily resolve with grace and joy any challenge in our daily life. We already have the answers within ourselves! Let us not get distracted by the external noise and by what is happening around us. When the divine masculine and the divine feminine are balanced, we are able to follow our intuition with no fear and no second-guesssing, and we are ready to act with loving assertiveness and with that inner, divine knowledge that resides within our soul.

Have a magical week!


Feb 22, 2021

Weekly Angel message from February 22nd to 28th 2021

“44. Believein Dreams – 13. Truth”

Angels and Guides are guiding us to remain centred within our Heart Space because it is in our Heart that lies the Truth of our most authentic Self. Distancing ourselves from the chaos and the noise of the ego mind we can connect with our truest and most authentic soul desires. Our Soul only knows how and where to guide us with Love and in Love, with no fear, no rush. The Soul knows, the ration mind lies. Love is the most powerful trasnmuting Force. Love is the most potent energy that connects us directly to the Divine Source… which is within ourselves, which we are part of, because we are One.

Blessings. Have a magical week!

ANGELS, from the wisdom of the Akashic Records

Q: Who are the angels?

A: The angels are one of the many aspects of the Divine Source and its different qualities. Each angel has their own energy and vibration which are unique. Working with the angels simplifies and boosts your own connection with God and yourself as a divine being on Earth. Angelic connection helps you  have a better knowledge of your own vibration as well as the divine vibration in every facet.

The angels are an ‘extension’ of God and of  his innumerable aspects. So it is possible to connect to one particular angelic energy in order to have a better connection with that particular divine vibrational state, to better understand it, integrate it and make it yours, or use it as a self-healing instrument and of personal support. The angels are pure celestial light. They are a gift from God for through this energy it is easier to get in direct contact with the Divine Source. Since your earthly condition is still filled with noise and heaviness, the angels are that ‘extension’ that allows you to enter into direct and intimate communion with the Divine. Of course, they are not the only tool to connect with God. They are part of the Divine Source themselves just like you, but since your vibration is still not as such to recognize itself as Oneness, here they are the messengers of God, these divine extensions, to help you recognize and acknowledge these divine aspects and, as a consequence, your true essence. The angels can appear in any way, it doesn’t matter which one, because they are pure divine light. They are celestial light, they are heavenly love of the highest vibration. In order to facilitate the contact with you as incarnated souls they can appear in many forms and shapes, among which that one of winged beings that you so much love.

(Channelling, January 24th  2018, Alessandra Esposito)

TWIN FLAMES, from the wisdom of the Akashic Records

Q: What are Twin Flames, and what do we need to know about this right now?

A: My beloved soul, Twin Flames are the divine sparkle in you as ONENESS and as part of the ONENESS. There is still a lot of confusion about this topic, and that is because nowadays it is still difficult to detach from the idea of tridimensional love which is seen not as a total expansion of the soul but more as a romantic relationship with another incarnated soul. If you think well about it, there is no one single Twin Flame whom you are ONE with and that you identify with a specific incarnated soul because, in truth, this is the limiting product of the rational mind that cannot fully understand the greatness of the universal plans that will unfold according to their modalities and timing.
Basically, a Twin Flame is the soul as ONE and ONENESS. Romantic love for another soul, that is an incarnated individual, is a human experience and there is nothing wrong with it. At all. It is necessary to the soul expansion and progress. However, it is still a limiting concept compared to the Twin Flame and to the soul as ONE and ONENESS. It is true that this type of relationship/love is important to the development of the soul and to allow the heart opening as well as to see the reflection of your own image in another individual. However, there will be no more distinctions in the future. The more the love will expand and spread, the more the soul will detach from the limiting ego and from the vision of separation, because, in truth, separation is just an illusion, my beloved soul. When the soul will learn to understand this, and will learn to perceive this, the need to categorize and to make distinctions will be no more. In few words, Twin Flame is the LOVE which is ONENESS and the ONENESS which is LOVE. For now, this is all you need to know. There is still a long road ahead, but do not stop, my beloved soul. Keep searching, exploring, and asking. We are here to support you and whisper the answers you seek.

(Channelling, November 22nd 2017, Alessandra Esposito)