What are the Akashic Records?

So when a soul decides to experiment life as an independent entity, an energetic field of that experience is created. That energetic field is imprinted on a subtle substance called Akasha. So each thought, word, emotion, action, experience in this energetic field goes into the Akashic Records. Basically, in few words, the Akashic Records contain the history of each soul from the very beginning of its journey. Having access to the Cosmic Askahic Records and Personal Akashic Records we have the chance to better understand what is happening in our lives and in our path. Bear in mind that the A.Rs are not an instrument to predict the future, but rather to be more aware and aligned with our heart’s desire and our soul mission and, as a result, make our journey easier along the way.

How an Akashic Records reading can help you:

– give practical solutions to your life’s difficult challenges
– advise on how to break negative patterns
– advise on how to end vicious cycles of all nature
– shed light and a better understanding on your soul purpose
– answers on what is the best next step to do and so on

How a reading is done

The reading is done by opening your own personal Akashic Records (so I need to know your full name) through a sacred prayer. Your personal Akashic Records will remain open only for the necessary time of the reading, then they will be closed.
You can ask questions that come from the heart and that you need an answer in order to help you move forward in your path. Bear in mind that you cannot ask for mere predictions! But rather you can ask what is fine for you to do in order to achieve a certain goal, or to better a situation, or to dissipate doubts, receive guidance, advice about your spiritual path and/or your everyday life. Potentially there is no limit to what one can ask. Also, you cannot ask for other people’s choices and personal path, but you can rather ask what you can do to help a person, or what you can do in order to better a situation with someone, your relationship with them and so on.
The reading is totally channelled. No oracle cards are involved. Each word is meant for your soul. The channelling comes from the Divine Source and is presented as a combination of thoughts, images, words. I mainly receive images and the exact words that are meant for you. So in a reading you will receive the exact message the Divine Source want you to know through me.
Know that the messages are absolutely of the highest vibrations, and are filled with love, compassion, and peace. This type of reading will give you the clarity and the support you need. Also, you will receive the message that is right for you at that time and that your soul can integrate at that moment.

Readings are private and confidential. They are for entertainment purposes only and NOT to be used as a substitute for any legal, psychological or medical advice.

** For any questions, please feel free to private message me. When booking a reading, in case of any doubts about your questions, please feel free to write and ask for advice.