Alessandra Esposito

I am Alessandra Esposito, I am from Cagliari but I have lived in Rome, Italy, since I was 24 years old. I work as a translator and I speak Italian, English and French. My job as a translator learnt me the importance of the words chosen (and needed) in order to deliver a message.

I have the gift of clairsentience and claircognizance since I was a very little girl and, in time, I have developed clairvoyance and clairaudience as well.

I like to describe myself as a “Spiritual Searcher”. I have always been fond of anything spiritual, religions and so on. I have always been “thirsty” for knowledge and discovering every aspect between Man(kind) and the Divine Source. I love music and signing as a free and pure expression of myself and my soul. Since 2012, when my conscious spiritual path has begun, I have been working closely with the Angels and the Ascended Masters from whom I receive guidance and messages for myself and other people. In the meanwhile, I have explored different disciplines such as Reiki and Spiritual Tradition of the Andes. Despite this, my role as channel as well as my bond with the Masters has grown stronger and stronger, it has become more ‘present’ in every aspect of my daily life, so much that I have decided to fully embrace the calling.

I have discovered the wisdom of the Askahic Records and I have been initiated as an Akashic Record reader, so now I can read my own Akashic Records, the Cosmic Records and other people’s (on their request). On February 13th 2020, I have been initiated as an Akashic Records Master. Nowadays I channel messages from the Divine Source, I am an Akashic Records Master and a 5D Quantic Activator. I do private readings as well as meditation circles working with the angels, the Ascended Masters and the Lemurian guides. This calling, to me, has been a continuum, a discovery and a in-depth study of the journey that started years ago. This path is of course still in progress every single day and it really never cease to amaze me!