Akashic Records

A reading of the Akashic Records can help:

What are the Akashic Records?

So when a soul decides to experiment life as an independent entity, an energetic field of that experience is created. That energetic field is imprinted on a subtle substance called Akasha. So each thought, word, emotion, action, experience in this energetic field goes into the Akashic Records. Basically, in few words, the Akashic Records contain the history of each soul from the very beginning of their journey. Having access to the Cosmic Askahic Records and Personal Akashic Records we have the chance to better understand what is happening in our lives and in our path. Bear in mind that the A.Rs are not an instrument to predict the future, but rather to be more aware and aligned with our heart's desire and our soul mission and, as a result, make our journey easier along the way.

Daily difficulties

Give practical solutions to your life’s difficult challenges

Negative patterns

Advise on how to break negative patterns

Vicious cycles

Advise on how to end vicious cycles of all nature

Understanding your mission

Shed light and a better understanding on your soul purpose

Next step

Answers on what is the best next step to do and so on