• “Thanks for being a Light Messenger. The reading was a shower of love and light. Wisdom and simplicity. I taste and integrate every single day a bit of it. Thank you. From my heart.” M. (Torino, Italy)
  • “The advice I was given before I had my reading was excellent.  And gave me time to think about what I wanted, and needed to ask. There was no rush.  And when I finally asked my questions, the response was very quick, and in fact told me things about myself which no one could know except my heart. The advice moved me to make a massive change in my life… and I am heading where I am intended. Thank you.” AM (Birmingham, England)
  • “An Akashic Records reading always arrives when it’s most needed. A wonderful experience. The loving guidance from the Masters has touched me profoundly, and I’m already working so as to experience and integrate it in my daily life. Thanks Alessandra!” S. (Rome, Italy)
  • “Dear Alessandra, I’m grateful to you for your precious lesson. I’ll try to make it mine. It’s been so touching, and I thank you for your gifts, among which there was your laughter.” S. (Rome, Italy)
  • “Your reading was an exciting and special moment to me.  I felt surrounded with energy and pure loving light. The answers to my questions traced, before my eyes,  new paths to explore. The message arrived loud and clear. I’m grateful.” E. (Rome, Italy)
  • “Thank you for the beautiful messages from the Masters you deliver with purity and integrity. You are a true channel of light and wisdom. Through your  readings I felt the love of the Masters as well as their guidance and, often times, unexpected awareness. Thank you Alessandra. Thank you Ascended Masters!” C. (Rome, Italy)
  • “Today I felt the need to read your reading again and, after quite some time, now I see more clearly. I can’t thank you enough! Your readings are a gift.” C. (Rome, Italy)