Archangel Haniel and her healing power in times of change

Archangel Haniel and her healing power in times of change

As we are going through intense energy shifts and transformational times, Higher Realms are urging us to maintain the most positive outlook as possible towards life and the challenges we are to face as well as to raise our vibrations in order to support the huge changes that our planet is bearing at present. As incarnated souls, we are called to act and make space for the new, letting go of the old and what no longer serves our purpose. We are pushed to a whole new level which, sometimes, can lead to a sense of dismay and bewilderment. This is especially true for light-workers and those whose spiritual awakening is in place but not only; everybody is involved since we are One – whether we are conscious of it or not.

Ascended Masters, angels, guides are here to remind us that not even a soul is alone, and that they are supporting us step by step through this wind of change.

This time I would like to spend a few words about archangel Haniel who is somehow forgotten at times but whose energy, I feel, is essential in the present moment.

The name Haniel means ‘Grace of God’ or ‘Glory of God’. Archangel Haniel embodies a feminine energy.

Angels are always by our side, but they cannot intervene unless we do ask them for help because we have freewill. So in order to invite archangel Haniel (as well as any other angel) in our life we simply need to set the intention to have her work with us and that we are willing to accept her help. We can do this by simply setting the intention mentally or saying out loud a short prayer like this:

“Thank you archangel Haniel for helping me gracefully let go of what no longer serves my purpose, for helping me maintain a positive perspective and for helping me raise my vibrations, and transform any low energies into positive and happy thoughts”.

As her name suggests, archangel Haniel can help us face our daily challenges in a graceful manner. To many of us these transformational times are causing rollercoaster emotions, depression, anxiety, insomnia, tiredness, abrupt changes and so on. This results in a real catharsis both at an emotional and physical level. As we let go of pent-up emotions, we are also releasing tensions in our body. Healing does not necessarily have to go through pain and struggle though. In truth, living in joy and maintaining a state of peace is what we are called to learn – no matter the mission our soul is called to fulfill and which struggles we chose to face before incarnation. That is why working with the amazing presence of archangel Haniel can be of such help.

Archangel Haniel is aligned with the moon energy. Carrying a moonstone can be a way to deepen the connection with this angel and enter more in touch with her.  Capitalizing on the moon cycles is another way to work closely with this archangel and transform our life for better.

Basically, archangel Haniel can help us soothe our feelings and see ourselves with more compassion and patience. Her gentle and reassuring energy will not prevent us to feel whatever feelings we are experiencing but to feel with grace and love. Sometimes the hardest part is to accept those feelings and go through them, but her presence will make sure that we feel loved and protected (and indeed we are!). Her help comes in many ways, such as opening our eyes to the beauty of life or opening our hearts to live in harmony and accept the changes with the least possible resistance. She will nudge us to enter more in tune with our inner guidance and intuition which will result in taking actions and adjust those areas of our lives that do not resonate with us anymore; she will simply guide us to nurture ourselves with those activities that make our heart sing during this transitional phase we are all going through at a universal level.

This is just a short description of her incredible work through us but I am sure that working with her – if you have not done it already – you will discover much much more, and you will be excited and amazed to see before your eyes the gentle transformation and the peace she will bring to you and in you. I will assure you that it is definitely worth working with her. You will not be disappointed, and I encourage you to find it out for yourselves!



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