Ego(ism) is nothing more than the externalization of the survival mode. Survival mode is fear. Fear can stem from many reasons and environmental stimuli. Fear is neither good nor bad. It is just a product of low vibration. For centuries, Humanity have created a society based on scarcity consciousness, fear, mind-control, manipulation, lies, struggle, war, addictions, competition. All of the above taught us to be in this repeatedly survival mode and so we become egoist, sometimes even egotistic. Whenever we are in fear, we are prone to reacting and panicking, instead of responding. By doing so, we are basically giving away our own Divine power to some threat that most of the times is not even real, but it is just a perceived menace as the product of a distorted external stimulus. This leads us to disconnect from God and our own divine spark and to rely on false beliefs, false promises, doctrines, structures and institutions that, in reality, more often than not, chain us down to a limited and poor state of mind and being. We get convinced that we need to struggle and suffer in order to receive the fruits of our labour, we are instilled with the seed of scarcity consciousness and self-pity, we are taught to believe that the reality we live in is scarce and not abundant, that there is not enough for everyone which results in wild competition which, in turn, causes fear, which generates anxiety, stress, control, aggressiveness, worry and so on. So, basically, we get used to living in survival mode without even knowing it, giving away, little by little, our full potential, our God-given authority, freedom and liberty.

The good news is that all these old, outdated structures are now – finally! – collapsing because the veil is lifting and more and more people are becoming awakened to their true state of being that is in Oneness with the Divine Source which indeed lies in our Heart centre. But unless we learn to recognize our ego, our negative thought-forms, self-sabotaging emotions and triggers, we will not be able to be in our full divine authority.

In this regard, when I opened the Cosmic Akashic Records and I asked the Masters to tell me more about envy (one among many low vibe emotions), here is the answer I received:

“My dear soul, envy is just a black dot on a white canvas. The need to envy and judge is your soul’s call to purity. Ego does not want this and it tries to push, push and push towards lower vibrations. Remind that where light is there, much dark is there, too. There more you will be aligned to the Source, the more the ego will try to stage an ambush towards those attitudes and thought-forms in disharmony with your soul as One and Oneness. However, the more you will be aligned to the Source, the more you will be able to distinguish these traps, sending love and compassion when this makes known to you or other people.”

It does not matter whichever your trigger is – envy, jealousy, control, panic, judgment, prejudice, fight, etc. The above message applies all the same. In truth, Abundance and Peace go hand in hand, and this state of contentment and felicity is the Will of God. The feeling of aloneness, thus, the need to be in survival mode and competition should be transmuted and superseded by the certainty of Oneness. When we start to expand our consciousness and we are One with the Divine, the feelings become charged by the Love of God itself. The mind of God is Love, is loving, and is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and the total being, as a result, is inspired and aspiring! To belittle the soul of man, to cast it down into a sense of sin, frustration, scarcity mentality, struggle, and self-condemnation – which all led people to be in their fears and in a state of ego(ism) – is indeed the work of low vibrational energies, of structures and programmes of “dark energies”.

Thus, do not fight your ego, as ego loves the struggle of fight and resisting; observe it instead, integrate it with love and compassion until it will have no other choice but fade away and disappear. Love is the guiding force in order to break free and liberate ourselves through transmutation and Alchemy. Where there is Love, there is no space for fear. And there is no space for survival. Pure benevolent intention, being in full authority, unwavering faith as well as the most elevated emotion that is Love are the main ingredients for Alchemy to activate and manifest the precipitation of its miracles in this dense, physical reality. This is transformation. This is death and rebirth. This is indeed Resurrection.

So, do not be afraid of the process! The beauty of this very path lies indeed in the transmutative process itself, in the continuous search for soul growth and expansion. Find that Love of God within you and, as if by magic, being in full power of your authority more Love will be bestowed upon you and your fellow brothers and sisters! And so be it.



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