I love ME

I love ME

How self-love can heal your life

One could think that self-love is the easiest deed towards oneself. Yet it is one of the most difficult to fully embrace.  Self-love is synonym with acceptance and compassion. Often times we find it hard to accept who we really are, and this is especially true for very sensitive people, indigo, earth angels, light-workers but not only. Embracing our true-self and loving ourselves implies that we learn to accept that perfection as we intend it in an earthly vision does not really exist. In truth we are all incarnated souls who came down to this dimension for the only purpose to learn and balance karma. So, since this is our real mission, making mistakes and taking bumpy roads is normal. And here is where compassion comes into play. When we feel we made a mistake or a situation did not turn out as we hoped or expected, despite the love and efforts we put into it, sometimes we tend to fall into a deep disconnection with the Higher Source leaving space for disappointment and self-pity. We tend to overanalyze situations – what we did, what went wrong, what we could have done better – and to be harsh with ourselves.  Again, this is only an earthly perception and it is not at all to be considered as a universal truth. Our soul knows the bigger plan, it has a map and it will make adjustments to redirect us where we need to be until we learn the lesson. That is why self-love and compassion are of key importance: it will allow us to be fully present and in full resonance with God and the Higher Source that is within ourselves and, as a consequence, more in touch with our inner divine guidance.  Self-love is about respecting ourselves and be fully present here and now, allowing emotions to flow, letting go of what no longer serves us, taking good care of ourselves and being at peace.  On the other hand, loving oneself is not to be confused with selfishness and that since “we are as we are” we are not responsible for how we act and what we think. Our purpose here is to evolve and become better human beings on this very earthy plane, liberating us from karma and evolving as souls on a higher plane. In fact selfishness has nothing to do with love and it is an ego-based emotion. Assertiveness, instead, is about respecting our feelings, allowing us to live fully and in the present moment; taking care of our needs and standing in our power with love not feeling guilty for this.

Learning to accept ourselves and follow our inner guidance is the most beautiful and powerful act of liberation that one soul can do. Expressing our emotions, passions, talents, learning to be assertive, and allowing to devote time for our self-care leave space for healing – consciously or unconsciously it does not matter – and when healing takes place all new doors to possibilities, miracles, joy and peace open up in our life.

When we learn the art of self-love we learn to see ourselves – and others, as a result – with the eyes of God which can only bring a greater flow of love, joy and abundance, a stronger connection with the Divine and our divine being, and so a much happier and healthier life.


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