Weekly angel message from march 1st to 7th 2021

Feb 28, 2021

Weekly angel message from march 1st to 7th 2021

  1. God of conflict resolution – 2. Goddess of knowledge

This week, the Angels and Guides are guiding us to embrace our divine potential and fully live in our heart space. The balance between our divine masculine and divine feminine side is the portal to live in the flow and easily resolve with grace and joy any challenge in our daily life. We already have the answers within ourselves! Let us not get distracted by the external noise and by what is happening around us. When the divine masculine and the divine feminine are balanced, we are able to follow our intuition with no fear and no second-guesssing, and we are ready to act with loving assertiveness and with that inner, divine knowledge that resides within our soul.

Have a magical week!


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